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This Guy Acts just like we all would in a Bugatti Veyron

Kid Wins Bugatti Ride

Kid done lost his mind.

During the Trust 2Fast Touzani Tour, the Trust International B.V. team gave away a ride in a Bugatti Veyron to one lucky guy. His reaction was beyond priceless.

Kid Wins Bugatti Ride

After hearing about how he won the opportunity to ride in a Bugatti Veyron, the kid absolutely lost his mind. Don’t even try to say that you wouldn’t act like this either; it’s arguably the chance of a lifetime. Excitement overtook him and his ability to act like a normal human being was completely lost with the sound of four turbochargers and 16 cylinders of pure exotic power growling behind the cockpit.

Now just imagine if he actually owned a Bugatti Veyron.

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Do you think that you would have a reaction like this if you won a ride in a Bugatti Veyron?


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