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Hennessey Performance Gives the 2016 Venom GT Even More Power!

2016 Hennessey Performance Venom GT

Because more is better.

A vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio directly affects its overall performance, especially acceleration. More power and less weight means more fun, and that means that the Hennessey Performance Venom GT will give you the most insane ear-to-ear grin of any 2016 model-year vehicle.

2016 Hennessey Performance Venom GT

Set to make its debut at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas on November 3rd, the 2016 Hennessey Venom GT will boast an even better power-to-weight ratio than previous versions of the hyper car. The twin-turbocharged, 7.0-liter V-8 engine benefits from the ability to run E85 Flexfuel, which in turn allows for an increase in boost pressure from 19- to 26 PSI. An additional 207 horsepower is added for a total of 1,451 bhp.

That’s utterly insane, especially when you consider the fact that the 2016 Venom GT will tip the scales at just 2,743 lbs. The previous, less powerful model set a top speed of 270.4 mph at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in 2014, which the 2016 model figures to beat.

2016 Hennessey Performance Venom GT

“Being the fastest matters”, said company founder and president, John Hennessey. “We are intent on keeping the Venom as the fastest, best performing and most exciting hypercar on the road”.

The task of handling the incredible amount of power falls on the grippy Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that are aided by the GPS-based traction control system.

Accelerating to 60 mph from rest is projected to take a scant 2.4 seconds. Blink, and you’ll hit 100 mph after 4.4 seconds have ticked away. Hitting 200 mph from rest takes 12.8 seconds while the top speed figures to be in excess of 280 mph. The quarter-mile is sped through in 9.4 seconds at 167 mph. Simply put, its faster than your concept of fast.

2016 Hennessey Performance Venom GT

“We only plan to produce a handful of Venom GT’s in 2016 as we are also preparing for our next evolution, the Venom F5”, said Hennessey. “We plan to demonstrate our improved power and performance both in terms of straight line acceleration as well as road course handling and lap time performance”.

The new 2016 Hennessey Performance Venom GT will be shown at the Shell Pennzoil display at booth 60005 at the Las Vegas convention center during SEMA.

2016 Hennessey Performance Venom GT Specifications

Displacement: 7.0-liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 1,451 bhp at 7,200 RPM

Projected Performance:
Acceleration 0-60 mph: 2.4 seconds
Acceleration 0-100 mph: 4.4 seconds
Acceleration 0-200 mph: 12.8 seconds
Acceleration ¼ mile: 9.4 sec. at 167 mph
Acceleration 0-300 kph: 10.9 seconds
Acceleration 0-400 kph: 18.1 seconds
Top Speed: 280+ mph

2016 Hennessey Performance Venom GT Gallery

Source: Hennessey Performance

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