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This is a Ford V-8 Powered Porsche Cayman Because Racecar

V-8 Powered Porsche Cayman

No longer neutered.

You’ll often hear about how the Porsche Cayman wasn’t pushed to its true potential because Porsche didn’t want it to outsell or take down the 911. The mid-engine layout of the Cayman makes it balanced and composed compared to the rear-engined 911. This owner, however, has an American-powered 911-killer.

The team at Power By The Hour Performance got a call from an owner asking if they would tune and dyno test their Porsche Cayman with a Ford Coyote V-8 engine transplant. Most of the staff were a bit dumbfounded and didn’t believe what they were hearing, but that all changed when it came in and the American V-8 fired to life.

V-8 Powered Porsche Cayman

The Power By The Hour Performance team was able to achieve an output of 428 rwhp and 364 rwtq compared to the 257 rwhp and 218 rwtq of a race-spec Cayman, making this quite the machine.

So, instead of downsizing to turbocharged inline-fours, maybe Porsche should just stuff a big ol’ V-8 into the Cayman!

Source: Power By The Hour Performance YouTube

Would you want to drive a Ford V-8 powered Porsche Cayman?


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