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This Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Run is a Beautiful Must-See

Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak

This is what Pikes Peak is all about.

It has 156 turns; it measures 12.42 miles; it encompasses a total of 4,275 feet of elevation change from start to finish; it’s nicknamed the “Race to the Clouds”. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a thing of automotive beauty intertwined with nature as racers try to fly up to the top of a mountain as fast as possible.

This years’ Time Attach 1 class winner was Jeff Zwart with a 9:46:243 time in a race-prepped Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Turbo – Hill Climb Special. The in-cockpit POV footage of the run was already released, but this is the best way to experience his run and the race in general.

Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak

Directed by Will Roegge, this film detailing Jeff Zwart’s winning run gives us a perspective not often seen or experienced by those that aren’t in attendance. Pikes Peak’s majestic scenery, sheer size, and beauty is perfectly captured in this film and shows what makes the Hill Climb so special.

It’s worth a watch or two, or even three. Trust us.

Source: Will Roegge

Was this the greatest Pikes Peak International Hill Climb video, ever?


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