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This Mazda MX-5 Racer is Awesome!

MX-5 Side Mirror Incident

Get that side mirror outta’ here!

In motorsports, drivers are super competitive and look for any kind of little advantage, trick, or shortcut to get ahead of the competition and take home the checkered flag. At this Mazda MX-5 Cup race from Silverstone in the UK, we see one driver taking advantage in a hilarious way.

While on the Hangar Straight, James Rogers of the No 69 MX-5 was flying up through the pack and trying to take the lead. However, Ben Hunt and his No. 4 car were right alongside of him and inches away from swapping some paint. So, Hunt decided that it would be funny to push Rogers’ side mirror in while he was alongside.

Rogers thought it was quite a funny move so he gave him the thumbs up after the mirror incident.


Source: HavenRacingUK YouTube

Is this the funniest racing move, ever?


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