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This Mustang Had a Real Bad Day at the Dyno!

Ford Mustang Blows Engine Dyno

Welp, back to the drawing board!

Part of building any kind of hardcore, high-powered drag monster involves quite a bit of dyno testing and tuning. Usually there are some unexpected hiccups throughout the process, but these are usually easily fixed.

Ford Mustang Blows Engine Dyno

Well, this twin-turbocharged Ford Mustang was on the dyno for some testing and things quickly went south. Like really, really south where there are no easy fixes.

While making a dyno run, a piston broke and the valve cover breather shot out due to the incredible amount of pressure, according to the YouTube video uploader, HostileGSX.

That’ll be fun to repair!

Source: HostileGSX YouTube

How upset would you be if your engine blew on the dyno like this?


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