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Friday FAIL: Idiot Robs Taxi in front of Police Car

Friday FAIL: Taxi Robbery in front of Police

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AS a taxi driver, your worst fear is getting robbed and hurt or killed over something as simple as money. It’s a very tough job, and unfortunately robberies still happen today.

Taxi driver, Ralph Valletta, found himself with a gun pointed at his head in traffic with suspected attempt robber, Victor Martinez-Herrera, attempting to get all of his money and cab fares.

Friday FAIL: Taxi Robbery in front of Police

Martinez-Herrera pleads with the driver to give up all of the money so that they don’t have to do things “the hard way”. Valletta, visibly shaken and terrified, gives him everything that he has.

Thankfully, sitting right behind Valletta’s taxi is Deputy Sheriff, Terry Ely, who recognized what was happening in the vehicle ahead, and was able to stop the robbery and arrest Martinez-Herrera.

Talk about being in the right place!

Source: Reading Eagle YouTube

How lucky was this taxi driver during this attempted robbery?


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