Tibaldi Bentley Mulsanne and Continental Supersports Pens

Introducing two signature Bentley pens.

Tibaldi, the Italian pen maker and pen partner of Bentley has recently been recognized for their Bentley Mulsanne line and have also introduced a new Continental Supersports collection. Each collection incorporates the unique design, technology, and craftsmanship of both Bentley automobiles and symbolize tradition and functionality.

The Tibaldi for Bentley Mulsanne collection was chosen at Pen World’s 17th annual Readers’ Choice Awards in New York City to receive the Most Exciting Motorsport Pen. Readers of the publication for fine writing instruments chose the Bentley Continental pen because it was inspired and designed after the roaring engines that were associated with the famous straight and corner at the LeMans circuit.

The Bentley Mulsanne takes after the legendary 1930 8-liter automobile that W.O. Bentley owned. The new Mulsanne is the flagship of the Bentley line and embodies the luxury, design, and engineering that the marquee is known for. The Tibaldi for Bentley Mulsanne pen incorporates the craftsmanship and tradition of both companies. The pen features a knurled band surface and pocket clip that resembles the switchgear on the Mulsanne. The cap wears a Bentley emblem that mirrors the Mulsanne’s starter button. Tibaldi has also made the pen in accordance with the Divine Proportion. The ratio between the cap and the barrel when the pen is closed equals to an aesthetically pleasing 1.618 ratio. Two versions of the pen are available; 18 karat rose gold and sterling silver. The sterling silver examples will be limited to 90 fountain pens and 90 roller balls while only nine fountain pens and nine roller balls will be available in 18k rose gold. In addition, three accent finishes that are found in the Mulsanne are available: Dark Stained Vavona, Burr Oak and Burr Walnut. “The greatest challenge when developing these extraordinary pens has been the production of the wood components, which were designed to match the interior of this outstanding new car,” says Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of Tibaldi.

Tibaldi also introduced their new Bentley Continental Supersports collection. The new Continental Pen collection showcases the same use of technology, weight savings, and performance employed in the Continental Supersports. The pens wear a coat of carbon fiber and are trimmed in titanium to portray the dedication to performance and technology. The pens are designed for functionality and purpose, and feature a signature Tibaldi picket clip terminated in a rolling ball. “The close collaboration between our engineers and Bentley’s design team of Robin Page, head of Interior Design, and Jonathan Punter, resulted in the creation of an outstanding pen, which encapsulates the features of Bentley’s most powerful car ever,” said Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of Tibaldi.

The Tibaldi for Bentley Continental Pen Supersports collection will be limited to 630 fountain pens and 630 roller balls, representing the actual horsepower created by the automobile.

Tibaldi for Bentley Mulsanne and Continental Supersports Gallery

[Source: Bentley]

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