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Time for “Sh*t Subaru WRX Owners Say” from Muscle vs Tuner

Muscle vs Tuner Shit WRX Drivers Say

Oh those Subaru WRX owners…

Muscle vs Tuner and his automotive stereotypes is back with another video bashing certain drivers. This time, Subaru WRX owners are the brunt of his jokes with their war against Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions at the forefront of the jokes.

Muscle vs Tuner Shit WRX Drivers Say

The all-wheel drive sports sedan reviewed here has mud flaps for all the rocks that it kicks up, an “American Evo Murderer” sticker, and runs on vape juice – just like its driver. The stickers are divided between the front and rear windsheilds to add more power to both axles since it’s all-wheel drive. Under the hood, a “Dank Injected Turbo” engine comes packed with a High Intensity Dipstick made from forged plutonium alloy because of the intense oil pressure. Brakes? They were disconnected because this is a rally car and it doesn’t need to stop.

Oh those WRX drivers…

Source: Muscle vs Tuner

How accurate is this video from Muscle vs Tuner on Subaru WRX drivers?


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