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Time for the Third Installment of Car vs. Motorcycle Drift Battle!

The Driftpocalypse.

You remember the previous Car vs. Motorcycle drift series featuring some high-powered law enforcement vehicles chasing down rubber-burning hooligan motorcyclists. Now it’s back for Part Three – The Driftpocalypse.

After spending three years in the High Plains County Penitentiary, Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha were released into a new world. During their incarceration, the Driftpocalypse occurred and high-powered rear-wheel drive monsters began to rule the streets. The two riders equipped themselves with newly-built 204HP Turbo Triumph Daytona sportbikes to run through the streets and give former Officer, Dan Brockett, and his 575 horsepower undercover pursuit vehicle some competition. But, they forgot about the new 850hp X2R off-road racer and the new Officer Buck who’s out to put an end to all of these drifters.

The new Car vs. Motorcycle drift series has it all, from crazy ‘70s mustaches to loads of tire smoke, and leaves us with the possibility of a sequel in the near future.

Source: Monster Energy

Who would you be driving for: the motorcycles or the cars?


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