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Time for some Naturally-Aspirated Hillclimb Glory!

Naturally-Aspirated Hillclimb Sounds

Get those speakers ready!

Hillclimb racing is freaking awesome. It’s exciting, no matter what kind of vehicle is heading up the hill. Some of the best sounds, however, come from those naturally-aspirated engines and their high-revving limits.

Naturally-Aspirated Hillclimb Sounds

This video compilation includes footage from various races and vehicles over the past few years. There’s BMWs, Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Mercedes-Benzes, and more just throwing down the power through the twists and turns as they try to go as fast as possible.

Some of the footage may not be the best, but the audio is what this is all about!

Source: HillClimb Monsters YouTube

What hillclimb racecar sounded the best in this compilation video?


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