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It’s time for some Porsche fun at the Thermal Club!

Porsche 911 R and 918 Spyder at the Thermal Club

918 Spyder vs 911 R.

The Thermal Club in Thermal, CA is the ultimate high-end motorsport vacation destination. A total of 5.1 miles of track makes up three different circuits while custom-tailored villas, clubhouse, and social center give drivers the chance to relax, recharge, and get a tune up.

Porsche 911 R and 918 Spyder at the Thermal Club

HRE Wheels brought two special cars to the motorsport resort to have some serious, high-octane fun. In one corner was the 500-horsepower, naturally-aspirated, lightweight Porsche 911 R while the other corner was occupied by the 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar packing 887 horsepower.

The two performance powerhouses raced through the entire circuit, slicing through corners and letting their naturally-aspirated engines echo through the Spanish architecture of the villas.

It’s a beautiful sight to see just one of these cars let alone both racing at one of the premier motorsports destinations.

We need to stop by for a visit!

Source: HRE Wheels

Would you chose to drive the Porsche 911 R or 918 Spyder at the Thermal Club?


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