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Time for some Škoda Gymkhana with Petr Šimurda!

Škoda Gymkhana

Rear-engined rally madness!

Petr Šimurda and the Trotina RallyeTeam are about to show you how to make on an awesome Gymkhana with a classic rear-engined Škoda and no special effects, while still having a blast.

It’s not often that we see vintage cars being thrashed around in the name of Gymkhana, let alone a Škoda, but this one is special. Rally Driver, Petr Šimurda got behind the wheel of the rear-engined Škoda 130 LR that was quite the rally hero back in the day, and went about spinning its wheels and sliding around with some basic cameras and a drone overhead.

It’s a simple, straightforward driving video that we can all appreciate as automotive enthusiasts.


Source: Trotina RallyeTeam

Are you ready for some Gymkhana, Škoda-style?


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