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Travel Back in Time to Group B with some Sick Aerial Footage!

Group B Aerial Footage

Great shots from a great racing.

The short-lived Group B class racing produced some of the most amazing vehicles, drivers, and competition that was ever seen. The regulations (or lack thereof) resulted in some utterly insane performance and technology blasting through the mud, dirt, gravel, snow, and pavement around the globe.

Group B Aerial Footage

It was a glorious golden age of racing where fans lined the country roads to witness the raw skill and power of man and machine as they flew by without fear. This ‘80s-era racing series was captured on film with cameramen sitting right beside the stages as well as helicopters fighting hard to track the lightning-fast vehicles speeding past.

We will never see this kind of utterly insane racing again, however, aerial footage like this is something we can cherish forever.

Source: Marvdogger2 YouTube

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