This is a Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 599 Drift Car!

Formula DRIFT Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 599 GTB

Get ready for some carnage!

Formula Drift is where you go to see some seriously modified cars that are built to go sideways with a whole hell of a lot of power. Many of these are American and Japanese builds with big engines and forced induction, but Federico Sceriffo is going to be driving something a bit more unique – a twin-supercharged Ferrari 599 GTB!

Formula DRIFT Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 599 GTB

Easily one of the most exciting cars that will be competing in the 2018 Formula Drift Championship, this Ferrari 599 GTB is built to shred. There’s a twin-supercharged 6.0-liter V-12 engine under the hood mated to a Holinger six-speed gearbox with carbon clutch. There’s a new Öhlins suspension, OZ Racing wheels, a custom body kit, and loads of other goodies to make this an exciting car to watch and drive.

These two videos show Sceriffo testing and driving the new Ferrari 599 GTB at the Motor Show Bologna 2017 and then at the Drift Matsuri event prior to its debut.

After much anticipation, the debut of the car at the Formula Drift Long Beach event did not go as planned. A knuckle broke on the car, causing it to crash and be engulfed in flames. Thankfully, Sceriffo escaped uninjured.

Source: MattyB727 – Car Videos YouTube

How bad do you want to drift the absolute hell out of this twin-supercharged Ferrari 599 GTB?


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