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Vintage Walter Rohrl Racing – Video

Racing at its finest.

Walter Rohrl is one of the most successful and famous drivers in the world. He first started his professional driving career in 1968 when he was invited to his first rally event. There he launched a storied career as a professional driver.

Walter Rohrl drove for a number of different automakers including Lancia, Audi, Porsche, FIAT, and Opel throughout his career. In the World Rally Championship, Rohrl was able to achieve two championships, 14 wins, and over 30 podium finishes. He has been given the disctinction of being the “Rallye driver of the Century” in Italy and the “Rallye driver of the millennium” in France. Currently, Walter Rohrl is working with Porsche as a Senior Test Driver and is still as fast as ever.

The video shown here shows Walter Rohrl driving during the mid-eighties in Portugal, New Zealand, and San Remo in the WRC.

Walter Rohrl Vintage Video


[Source: Deggis4 YouTube Channel]

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