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The Vorsteiner 458-V is Aerodynamically Simple and Stylish

Vorsteiner 458-V

The Italian gets some carbon fiber.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a brilliantly designed super car that has that lustful exotic shape backed up with inspiring performance. It is instantly recognizable as a Ferrari, but it has its own unique styling that makes it special. The carbon fiber specialists at Vorsteiner have taken things a step further with a triple-pack of carbon fiber aerodynamics that are subtle and accentuate the car’s beautiful design.

All of the new components featured on the Vorsteiner 458-V are made from high-quality autoclaved pre-preg carbon fiber. This method of manufacturing gives the components unrivaled strength and durability compared to other hand-laid carbon fiber parts. Special UV-inhibiting clear lacquer coating protects the parts and keeps them looking fresh for the life of the car.

Vorsteiner 458-V

The front fascia of the Ferrari 458 Italia is a bit more dynamic thanks to a new chin spoiler that features a central opening and two side blades that reduce lift at the front axle.

At the rear are two parts that add to the athletic nature of the super car. The Vorsteiner 458-V wears a new diffuser with six blades and seamlessly meshes into the factory body work. The rear also sports a new decklid spoiler that erases some of the depth created between the two taillights and rising brake light while adding a bit of downforce at the rear axle.

All of the components on the Vorsteiner 458-V are currently available for both the Ferrari 458 Coupe and Spider variants in a complete package or as separate modifications.

Vorsteiner 458-V Specifications

-Carbon fiber pre-preg chin spoiler
-Carbon fiber pre-preg rear diffuser
-Carbon fiber pre-preg rear decklid spoiler

Vorsteiner 458-V Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

Does the Vorsteiner 458-V have just enough carbon fiber or not enough?


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