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Vorsteiner Celebrates 10 Years with the Special Edition Carbon Fiber GTRS4

Vorsteiner GTRS4 BMW M4

One bad widebody M4.

It’s hard to believe that Vorsteiner has “only” been around for 10 years after seeing some of the masterful products they’ve developed, designed, and created for sports cars. This year’s SEMA Show is very special for the company as they’re unveiling their Special Edition GTRS4 full lightweight carbon composite widebody kit for the BMW M4 to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.

There is really no better way to celebrate a milestone than with a carbon widebody upgrade program. The new Vorsteiner GTRS4 came to be from simple sketches on a blank sheet of paper while gaining inspiration from the company’s previous widebody kits such as the E92 M3 GTRS3. Functionality and performance were two elements that designers focused on while conforming to the BMW M4’s factory design language and maintaining everyday drivability.

After sketching the design and 3-D Blue Light Laser scanning the entire vehicle, the Vorsteiner team got to work creating 3-D renderings and created CNC rapid prototypes. One of the biggest challenges posed to the Vorsteiner design team was to create the perfect contours on the rear quarter panels on the GTRS4. In-house master craftsmen were able to overcome this by using clay modeling to improve the form and lines for a seamless and smooth transformation.

Vorsteiner GTRS4 BMW M4

The new Vorsteiner GTRS4 boasts carbon fiber front fenders that extended a total of 4.0 inches while the rear panels are 7.0 inches wider than stock to create a powerful, muscular look for the BMW M4. Aerodynamics were a key priority as both the front fenders boast ventilation to cool the brakes along while an integrated front splitter element sits below the new carbon fiber front bumper. Carbon fiber aero side blade elements connect the extended fenders and flow towards the rear where a new carbon fiber bumper with integrated diffuser element sits. Protruding from this bumper are 90 mm Vorsteiner quad exhaust tips that can be finished in either Brushed or Diamond Black.

Part of what has made Vorsteiner so successful over the past decade has been their high-quality, lightweight forged wheels. It was only appropriate that the new GTRS4 flaunt a set of specially-designed GTRS4 three-piece, Gloss Brushed Shadow wheels that measure a massive 10.5J x 20 up front and 13.5J x 20 at the rear to properly fill in the extended fenders. Providing all the grip the BMW will ever need are 275- and 345-sized Pirelli P Nero high-performance tires. Completing the commanding stance is a new KW Suspension sleeve kit that gives drivers the ability to alter height and accommodating the factory BMW Dynamic Drive feature.

Vorsteiner GTRS4 BMW M4

The Vorsteiner GTRS4 isn’t all about looks, either. The 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine was outfitted with the ESS Tuning E-Tronic system for a dynamic 550-horsepower output.

The new Vorsteiner GTRS4 BMW M4 will make its official debut on November 4th at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The new carbon fiber widebody package also comes standard with chrome trunk badging and an embroidered and colored floor and trunk mat set.

Vorsteiner GTRS4 Specifications

-Carbon fiber front bumper with integrated front splitter element
-Carbon fiber wide front fenders with ventilation (2.0-inches wide on either side)
-Carbon fiber aero side blade elements
-Carbon fiber wide rear fenders (3.5-inches wide on either side)
-Carbon fiber rear bumper with integrated diffuser element
-Vorsteiner 90 mm quad exhaust top finishers in Brushed or Diamond Black finishes
-Vorsteiner embroidered colored floor and trunk mat set
-Vorsteiner chrome trunk badging
-GTRS4 forged 3-piece wheels, 10.5J x 20 (front) 13.5J x 20 (rear) in Gloss Brushed Shadow

Source: Vorsteiner

Is the Vorsteiner GTRS4 the most hardcore BMW M4 widebody yet?


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