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Vorsteiner goes Carbon with their Ferrari 458-VX Aero

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero

Bringing some assertiveness to a classic.

The Ferrari 458 Italia was a beautiful machine that set itself apart in the highly-competitive world of exotics. It’s sleek, smooth, and distinct design made it an instant classic. While its looks were head-turning, it was in a rather subtle, clean way. Vorsteiner is looking to add in some motorsport-oriented testosterone with the new Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero Program.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero

The team at Vorsteiner believed the Ferrari 458 Italia needed a more aggressive and in-your-face look that other exotics in the segment flaunt. So, they went to the wind tunnel and designed a full carbon fiber aerodynamic kit for the mid-engined Italian exotic that optimizes downforce and cooling.

The resulting Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero program is a thing of woven, downforce-inducing beauty. The sharper, more athletic look starts with the full carbon fiber front fascia that boasts a new chin spoiler and aero loading ducts. The spoiler works to channel air into both of the front radiators and out of the exit ducts. The newly-installed aero ducts channel air and generate a load at the front axle, which creates pressure and downforce at speed.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero

At the rear, the Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero kit features a new bumper with an integrated diffuser. The fascia is lower and more powerful as a result. The triple-tailpipe design is perfectly incorporated into the new bumper while the diffuser and its fins add a sportier touch.

Above the new rear bumper and diffuser combo on the Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero kit is a new tail boot lid. This relatively small spoiler lip generates downforce and also integrates a third brake light for a functional, OEM look.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero

To tie in the entire Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero kit, a new set of in-house VFN-507 wheels were installed. These complex forged wheels feature intersecting spokes and a distinct look while improving performance by keeping weight to a minimum.

The Ferrari 458 Italia may have been replaced by the twin-turbo 488 GTB, but the Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero kit will ensure that the Italian exotic remains a gorgeous legend that proudly wears the Prancing Horse shield.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero Program Specifications

-458-VX carbon fiber front bumper
-458-VX carbon fiber rear bumper
-458-VX rear bootlid

-Vorsteiner VFN-507 forged alloy

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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