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Vorsteiner shows off their Ferrari 599-VX Tuning Program

Vorsteiner 599-VX Tuning

Because adding carbon fiber is always a good thing.

With the unveiling of the new Ferrari F12Berlinetta, the days of the 599 are coming to an end. The V-12 grand touring coupe will be moving over for a newer, more powerful and faster model. The folks at Vorsteiner, however, have introduced their new 599 tuning program – the 599-VX – for those that still have a love for the super car.

The new Vorsteiner 599-VX features lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories made using advanced technology for precise fitment and quality. In terms of performance, Vorsteiner also includes a specially-made exhaust system and forged monoblock wheels as part of the 599 tuning program.

At the front of the Vorsteiner 599-VX sits a new front spoiler and race hood. Both of the aerodynamic upgrades are made from lightweight carbon fiber and optimized for performance without increasing drag. The hood features two air intakes that help keep the engine bay cool during spirited driving.

The 599 tuning program was also designed to allow the super car to slice through air. To accomplish this, Vorsteiner designed a set of carbon fiber side skirts the run along each side and visually lower the car while reducing drag. The rear vents positioned at the front of each fender receive intake covers that help draw more air in for better brake cooling.

The rear of the Vorsteiner 599-VX sports some of the biggest motorsport inspired upgrades. A new carbon fiber spoiler was installed on the trunk and a large diffuser integrated into the bumper. Each unit works to generate downforce and keep the super car planted to the asphalt at high speeds. Poking out from the rear diffuser is a new exhaust system with a high-pitched, Formula One-style note from the powerful V-12.

The tuning program is completed with a new set of Vorsteiner monoblock forged wheels. The one-piece wheels feature a seven split-spoke design and can be custom painted or powder coated to match any color scheme. The wheels are available in 21-inch diameters with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 performance tires.

The new 599-VX tuning program from Vorsteiner is currently available. Each part can be purchased separately or as an entire package. Pricing has not been released.

Vorsteiner 599-VX Tuning Specifications

-Carbon fiber front spoiler
-Carbon fiber hood with air intakes
-Carbon fiber side skirts
-Carbon fiber rear fender intake covers
-Carbon fiber rear spoiler
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser
-Upgraded exhaust system
-21-inch seven split-spoke monoblock forged aluminum alloy wheels

Vorsteiner 599-VX Tuning Gallery

[Source: Vorsteiner]

What do you think of the new aerodynamic upgrades and wheels for the Ferrari 599 from Vorsteiner? Leave a comment and let us know!


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