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Vorsteiner Struts its Stuff with the BMW M4

Vorsteiner BMW M4 Aero Kit

Transforming the look with wheels and aero.

Carbon fiber is something that Vorsteiner has been working with for a number of years. Their advanced technology and construction methods have put them in the upper tier of carbon fiber products for vehicles. The Vorsteiner BMW M4 with its new Aero Program and Flow Forged wheels is just one example as to why they’re at the top of the game.

Vorsteiner BMW M4 Aero Kit

Vorsteiner uses a Pre-Preg Autoclaved production method for their carbon fiber products that results in a high-strength, product with incredibly low overall weight and OEM fitment. The Vorsteiner Aero Program for the BMW M4 includes a front spoiler, rear spoiler, and diffuser to generate more downforce and improve stability.

Vorsteiner BMW M4 Aero Kit

The BMW M4 wears a Vorsteiner carbon fiber front spoiler beneath the bumper with integrated winglets on the left and right overhangs. The spoiler boasts a motorsports-like style with a low-key character. At the rear, a one-piece carbon fiber deck lid spoiler conforms to the curves of the body and has a multi-tier design that creates downforce over the rear axle. The final touch is a new aero diffuser that integrates the quad exhaust system and keeps air flowing properly beneath the bumper.

Vorsteiner BMW M4 Aero Kit

While the Vorsteiner Aero Program adds a more dynamic confidence to the BMW M4, the new V-FF 103 Flow Forged wheels complete the package. The 9.5 x 20 front and 10.5 x 20 rear wheels are each finished in a Carbon Graphite color and perfectly match the athletic style of the sports car.

The new Vorsteiner Aero Program and V-FF 103 Flow Forged wheels are currently available.

Vorsteiner BMW M4 Specifications

Fitment Specifications:
Wheels: Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged
Wheel Finish: Carbon Graphite
Front Wheels: 9.5 x 20
Rear Wheels: 10.5 x 20

-Vorsteiner Aero Program
-Carbon fiber front spoiler
-Carbon fiber rear deck lid spoiler
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser

Vorsteiner BMW M4 Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

Do you like the new look of the BMW M4 with Vorsteiner carbon fiber aero and V-FF 103 wheels?


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