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Want to be like The Game? Just buy a $200k Leather Ferrari!

The Game Ferrari F430 Leather Wrap

A rapper and his leather-wrapped Ferrari.

Earlier, we featured Flo Rida and his new, chrome-wrapped Bugatti Veyron by Metro Wrapz. Now, rapper, The Game, has hopped on the rappers-getting-their-cars-wrapped craze with his new leather-wrapped Ferrari.

On instagram, the rapper unveiled his newest purchase by posting a super-hardcore picture of him holding an AK-47 alongside his leather-wrapped Ferrari F430.

“handsomeassn****: Just spent all my show money (200K) on a leather Ferari 430….. Cash !!!! Maybe I’ll regret it tomorrow.. Maybe I wont !!! #ShouldntHaveEverGaveThemN*****NoMoney”

It seems to be that if you want to be a big-time member of the rap community, you have to get your exotic car wrapped. Bonus points if you pose next to it with an assault rifle. Leather may not be the greatest choice for a car wrap, especially if you live in a humid or rainy climate.

[Source: Instagram]

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