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Watch a Ford Mustang Blow a Tire on a Dyno

Ford Mustang Tire Explosion

That was explosive.

It’s always fun to see what kind of power your car is throwing down and one of the more convenient ways to do so is on a mobile dynometer. This Ford Mustang owner was doing just that when things went horribly wrong.

Ford Mustang Tire Explosion

While the Mustang was in 5th gear doing approximately 150 mph on the dyno, the tire began to deform and suddenly exploded at speed on the dyno. Because the wheel and tire were spinning at such high speeds, the debris was sent flying outwards causing body work to shatter and suspension to be damaged.

Thankfully, nobody including the driver and camera operator were hurt.

Source: 1320Video YouTube

How scary was this tire exploding at 150 mph on the dyno?


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