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Watch a Mitsubishi EVO Slide in the Snow from Above

We’ll miss you, snow!

Spring is here and so are the warmer temperatures. It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to winter, but before we do, we’re going to admire a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution speed through it, from above.

Driven by Guido Tschugg, the Misubishi Evolution goes on a fun ride through the powdery white stuff and has a ball doing it. The video was filmed from the air thanks to airV8 and their unmanned drone while Mario Feil took on the static filming. Put all three of them together and you get two minutes of awesome footage that’ll make you wish it was a bit colder out and snow was on the ground. Well…maybe.

[Source: Mario Feil Vimeo]

Does this EVO drifting in the snow make you miss winter?


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