Watch a tuned Ferrari Enzo crash into the water at Targa Newfoundland

Oh the humanity!

It’s not often that we get to see a Ferrari Enzo, let alone watch one lose control and end up submerged in water. For us automotive enthusiasts, it’s like watching a train wreck. Seeing such an impressive piece of automotive engineering like a Ferrari Enzo in water brings tears to our eyes.

At the annual Targa Newfoundland race, Zahir Rana, owner of the Enzo, and his co-driver lost control of the $1.5 million edo competition Ferrari Enzo and ended up in the water. As you can see in the video, they regain control, only to lose it again and end up in a Ferrari Enzo crash that will never be forgotten.

Rana was in good spirits about the Enzo crash, saying “it’s only a car; it’s not a big deal.” Roland Linder, the Instructor and Navigator also echoed his comments expressing that the crash was a part of racing and luckily nobody was hurt. We love Rana’s comments towards the end of the film, saying “we’ll get an FXX.” Yes, we are a tad jealous, please allow us to take the flooded Enzo off your hands please.

We’ll see you in your Ferrari FXX at Targa Newfoundland next year Zahir!

Ferrari Enzo In Water Crash Video


[Source: ThePatrickWeir Youtube Channel]

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