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Watch Another Nissan GT-R set an Insane Record

GTR Smoke

These things are pretty fast.

It seems as though every other week we are witnessing another record broken by a Nissan GT-R. Seriously. These things are incredibly fast and seemingly tunable to no end. What one day seems like the limit is exceeded shortly thereafter.

Nissan GT-R Drag Strip

This Nissan GT-R was tuned to what we conceive as the limits by Extreme Turbo Systems and driven by Lucas English at the drag strip. The car literally looks like it was shot out of a cannon as its all-wheel drive system claws for traction.

After blazing through the quarter-mile at light speed, the Nissan GT-R set a new world record of 7.49 seconds at 189 mph. That’s just incredible. If you want to understand how serious the power is, just watch the vent-mounted electronics give up any hope of staying attached at the launch.

Source: LucasEnglish

Do you think the Nissan GT-R can go even faster through the quarter-mile?


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