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Watch this Audi R8 driver Show Off and Crash!

Audi R8 Crashes Leaving Car Show

Way to go, buddy.

When you leave a car show, you’re usually temped to show off. We get it, everyone wants to see and hear your sports car, super car, etc. We’re all car enthusiasts and love a good show. However, showing off can lead to you and/or others getting hurt, plus it’s usually illegal (depending on how/where you’re showing off). You shouldn’t do it on public roads, and this Audi R8 crash is just one more example as to why.

Audi R8 Crashes Leaving Car Show

After leaving a car show, this Audi R8 5.2 driver wanted to show everyone how great his car was by hooning around on public roads. After speeding around a roundabout twice, the driver decided to punch the throttle on the exit down a straight road.

Well, things didn’t go according to plan. The Audi R8 lost traction and spun out, crashing over a curb and into the grass. The curb completely tore up the bottom of the super car and knocked a wheel off the hub, badly damaging the fender and ripping off the rear bumper.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt and there was no crowd for it to drive into like a Mustang. However, this Audi R8 is likely headed to the scrapyard as a complete write-off.

Stop being stupid, folks!

Source: Clean Culture YouTube

How big of an idiot does this Audi R8 driver look after crashing while trying to show off?


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