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Watch BJ Baldwin go Nuts down in Cuba for ‘Recoil 4’!

BJ Baldwin Recoil 4


You know how Ken Block works his rally magic with Hoonigan? Well, BJ Baldwin does the same thing only on a crazier scale with the ‘Recoil’ series. Baldwin, Toyo Tires, and all the other sponsors brought his 850-horsepower trophy truck down to Havana for some serious hoonage.

Things start off at a dominoes game when Baldwin finds out that he’s going to be late to a party. So, he suits up and straps into the off-road monster, then shreds his tires before speeding through the streets of Havana.

BJ Baldwin Recoil 4

Of course, there’s tons of jumps through the city, town, and jungle with locals looking onwards in amazement. The craziest part of the new ‘Recoil 4’ film is the beach jump. After running the gauntlet over logs and smashing through a bonfire, Baldwin takes his trophy truck over a jump onto the beach and over some water, sticking the landing and weaving through palm trees. The amazing part is that the jump was an incredible 191-foot jump that ranks as the biggest residential jump ever landed by a trophy truck.

There’s tons of tire-shredding, open-air stunts that easily rivals the ‘Hoonigan’ video series.

Source: Toyo Tires

Do you want to attempt any of these stunts by BJ Baldwin in ‘Recoil 4’?


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