Watch this Camaro Driver Burnout and Hit a Light Pole

Chevy Camaro Burnout Fail

Doing its best Mustang impression.

While Ford Mustangs may hold the title for ‘Worst Vehicles to Leave a Car Meet In’, the Chevrolet Camaro is still holding its own in the idiotic category. This second-generation muscle car shows us that any American sports car can do some damage while trying to show off.

Chevy Camaro Burnout Fail

While driving past a group of bystanders, this Chevrolet Camaro driver decided to light up the rear tires on a two-lane, one-way road. When the rear-end began to fishtail, the driver sped off instead of letting up on the throttle. When the car lost control, the driver overcorrected and slammed on the brakes, hoping to come to a quick stop.

Well, he did come to a quick stop, but it was only because he hit a light pole on the sidewalk. The innocent pole was bent pretty bad but still managed to remain standing despite the accident.

Don’t be stupid, folks.

How stupid was this Camaro driver that crashed into a light pole while trying to show off?


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