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Watch this Dodge Viper Act like a Mustang Leaving a Car Show

Dodge Viper Crash Leaving Car Show

*Cracks knuckles*
The Season is upon us!

Now that the snow has pretty much melted and the temperatures are rising, car show season is upon us! That means lots of power, exciting meets, and stupid drivers!

At the Cars & Coffee event in Knoxville, TN, one Dodge Viper owner got a little too happy on the throttle and got into a pretty serious accident. Of course, this occurred when the driver was leaving the meet, when most drivers try to show off to the crowd of bystanders.

Dodge Viper Crash Leaving Car Show

The Dodge Viper lost traction and swerved, narrowly avoiding the crowd of people on the passenger’s side of the super car. As the driver overcorrected, they ended up sliding sideways right over the curb and taking out a few small trees before finally coming to rest.

Thankfully, nobody in the crowd was hurt by this out-of-control Viper.

Let this just serve as a warning for the upcoming car show season!

Source: Garrettdoty Instagram

How stupid was this Dodge Viper driver to try and show off then crash while leaving a car show?


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