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Watch this Driver Crash a Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia Crash

Dashcam fun.

There’s nothing like taking a super car out for a cruise on winding, canyon roads. You can let go a little bit, have some fun, and just enjoy the scenery. Just make sure that you can handle the car or else bad things can and will happen.

During a super car cruise a younger guy and his friend were driving a Ferrari 458 Italia through some winding roads with Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience that gives customers the ability to drive through canyon roads in Colorado with super cars.

Ferrari 458 Italia Crash

This customer opted for the Ferrari 458 Italia and, according to the video poster, was driving the road for only the second time ever. While trying to show off, he entered a “30 MPH turn” at approximately 90 MPH. The driver panicked and lost control, hitting the guard rail and doing some serious damage.

The driver’s insurance also quoted the damages at $270,000 due to the fact that it was heavily optioned from the factory.

Trying to show off with a car you can’t handle is never a good idea, folks!

Source: OXOTIC : PURE ADRENALINE YouTube, Reddit

How upset would you be if you just crashed a Ferrari 458 Italia on a cruise?


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