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The Exclusive Interview with William Waldock, CEO of RSC Tuning

William Waldock RSC Tuning

“Automobiles are an obsession, and driving is our addiction.”

As automotive enthusiasts, we have a certain passion and drive that connects us with our vehicles. Whether it’s a high-end exotic or an affordable sports sedan, there’s something in our DNA that inspires us with these four-wheeled machines. William Waldock, CEO of RSC Tuning shares that same passion for driving and it has transformed his career in the automotive industry.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

Waldock’s love for cars eventually led to the opportunity to acquire the rights to Racing Sports Concepts and some of their products, of which he took full advantage. Since relaunching as RSC Tuning, Waldock has driven the company towards producing high-quality products and dedicating the brand to product development, quality, and customer service. Instead of throwing money at marketing and putting on a show, Waldock believes that investing in the development process and prioritizing the customer will lead to success.

Located in Miami, Florida, RSC Tuning develops and offers a variety of modifications for a wide range of sports cars, super cars, and exotics. High-quality exhausts, cutting-edge software tuning, carbon fiber and polyurethane aerodynamics, and many other RSC Tuning accessories improve the overall driving experience and tap into that same driving passion that Waldock shares with other automotive enthusiasts.

William Waldock was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions that we had about his career as well as RSC Tuning.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

How did you get your start in the automobile industry?

Driving on the limit is one of my greatest passions. My love for driving has had a large effect on the direction my life has taken and my career in the auto industry as a whole.

Years ago I found myself participating in a lot of high performance driving events (HPDEs). After hemorrhaging tens of thousands of dollars in cars, parts, and modifications over the years, I became disillusioned with the quality of the modifications available. The quality issues, cash flow problems and non-existent customer service was a rude awakening for me, along with all of the other problems plaguing the aftermarket industry.

At this point I began to consider making higher quality parts myself. Knowing that branding played a large role in this industry, I jumped at the opportunity to acquire the rights to an existing company Racing Sports Concepts, along with a number of their existing products. A couple months later we relaunched the company as RSC Tuning.

Tell us a little about Racing Sport Concepts (RSC Tuning) and what sets them apart from your traditional aftermarket company?

What sets us apart? Our commitment to cutting-edge product development, product quality, and customer service.

We try to only sell things that will provide a measurable performance enhancement or an obvious aesthetic advantage—oftentimes we accomplish both.

We developed the entire LP680 kit on my personal Lamborghini Huracan, allowing us to do significantly more research and development on each part. We were able to test things like different splitter heights to gauge how much clearance we needed for daily driving, and test our tune and exhaust at extremely high temperatures on race tracks and in rush hour gridlock. We removed body panels to ensure that our mounting points didn’t conflict with anything we couldn’t see from outside the vehicle. We used 3D printed prototypes to ensure proper fitment of every part. And we used Aluminum tooling instead of fiberglass so we could mill out a perfect surface, preventing the molds from warping after multiple heat cycles in the autoclave.

The team at RSC Tuning works extremely hard to provide concierge class service to our customers. If a product doesn’t fit the way you want it to, or doesn’t work the way you expected, we will be the first ones to jump in and make it right. We prioritize the customer in everything that we do.

What inspires your vehicle products/vehicle upgrade programs?

Automotive design is art to us. We could spend more time at a car museum than the Hermitage or the Louvre. I think to varying degrees we are all inspired by something deep inside of us to create beauty for this world. For team RSC, the automobile just happens to be our canvas. A lot of people would think we were insane if they knew how many hours were spent changing subtle angles of the canard on the side skirts or the shape of the curve on the front splitter. For us, automobiles are an obsession, and driving is our addiction.

Explain the process of what goes into designing an upgrade program for a vehicle.

The first step is researching and driving the vehicle to identify the opportunities for improvement. Not every car needs the same modifications.

Once we put together an entire upgrade program for a vehicle, we begin the design and engineering phase for each of the parts. After the parts have been designed, we produce prototypes to validate the concept and make sure everything works the way we think it will. While costly, often times you learn things from the prototype phase that can separate a good product from a great product. When we get to the point where we have a working prototype, we start a production run and test the parts from the production line to once again assure everything is working properly. Once we have a completed part that has passed our testing regime we begin offering the parts through our dealer network.

In your opinion, what is one thing that can completely transform a vehicle?

Aero Kits & Coilovers can completely transform a vehicle. Aero kits for the obvious reasons that it changes the main part of the car that everyone sees. Some of today’s kits completely change the look of the vehicle.

Coilovers are important too because my #1 priority is handling—a good suspension can take a lot of cars to the next level in terms of driving pleasure.

Exhaust systems help too, but the OEMs continue to build better and better sounding exhausts so in terms of a total transformation I am not sure it qualifies. Increasing engine performance is great but I don’t know if I would consider that transforming unless you are talking about some of the newer 1000-2000HP twin turbo kits being offered.

Where do you see RSC Tuning in ten years?

RSC Tuning will continue to produce top quality performance parts. Our goal is to work through a select group of dealers with boots on the ground around the world. The majority of our current clients are on the East Coast; as we grow we will start to focus on the west coast and international markets more heavily. Our main priority is investing in new products, as opposed to investing in marketing and putting on a big show. We don’t want to have the biggest office, or the most employees; we just want to build great parts at a price point that is still accessible to the majority of buyers.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

We’d like to personally thank William Waldock for taking the time to answer our questions!

Be sure to check out RSC Tuning and make sure to follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram!


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