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RSC Tuning Slices and Dices with the new LP680 Huracán Kit

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracán

Carbon fiber aero and more power means more fun!

Racing Sport Concepts (RSC Tuning) has been custom-designing high-quality styling and performance parts for sports cars, luxury cars, and exotics for years, led by their team packing over 20 years of experience in the industry. Their dedication to quality and style is on full display with the new RSC LP680 Carbon Fiber Aero kit for the Lamborghini Huracán.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracán

“We are excited to launch the RSC LP680 kit, bringing a totally unique and exclusive design to the marketplace as a follow up to our ground breaking CS600 kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo and LP560,” said Bill Waldock Jr., President of RSC Tuning. “The 680 kit allows for improved performance while keeping a simple, understated look that does not disrupt the design of the vehicle, while clearly setting it apart from other Huracáns.”

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracán

The RSC LP680 isn’t your average carbon fiber kit with big spoilers and splitters. The entire kit is made from high-quality pre-impregnated carbon fiber manufactured using an advanced autoclave process, resulting in a UV-resistant product with a seamless fit. It’s the same process and material used in Formula 1 racing and the SpaceX programs, although this kit won’t make a Lamborghini Huracan reach the moon.

The new RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic kit is designed to reduce drag while optimizing downforce at both the front and rear axles, for improved high speed stability. The new carbon fiber hardware keeps weight to a minimum and complements the factory design language yet still sets the super car apart from the pack.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracán

Sitting at the front of the Lamborghini Huracán with the RSC Tuning LP680 kit are new carbon fiber splitters in the beneath the middle and both sides of the bumper to reduce lift. The Huracán also gets a bit more intimidating thanks to new carbon fiber eyelids that lend a deeper angle to each of the headlights.

Running towards the rear of the exotic are new carbon fiber side skirts that visually lower the Huracán and flare upwards as the meet the rear fenders. The butt of the bull features a new carbon fiber ducktail spoiler sitting between the lines of each taillight that tapers upwards to generate downforce at the rear axle. Below, a new rear diffuser perfectly integrates the new quad tailpipes of the exhaust and reduces drag at high speeds.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracán

While the new carbon fiber aero is impressive, RSC Tuning wasn’t done there with the Lamborghini Huracán. The 5.2-liter V-10 engine was outfitted with a new software ECU tune and a race exhaust system to push output to the 680-horsepower mark.

With looks that match the performance, the RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Aero kit will make the Lamborghini Huracán stand out and turn heads, while putting a big smile on any driver’s face.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracán

The full RSC Tuning kit can be purchased from the Miami-based company directly online or through the worldwide dealer network. The RSC Tuning team will also be releasing a kit for the lightweight, rear-wheel drive Huracán LP 580-2 at a later date.

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Kit Specifications

-RSC Tuning Race Exhaust
-RSC Tuning Performance Software
Maximum Horsepower: 680

-Carbon fiber front splitters
-Carbon fiber center splitter
-Carbon fiber eyelids
-Carbon fiber side skirts
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser
-Carbon fiber ducktail spoiler

RSC Tuning LP680 Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Kit Gallery

Source: RSC Tuning

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