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Watch this Driver Walk Away from a Ten-Roll Crash


We’re all thankful for roll cages.

Racing is and always will be a dangerous sport. No matter how many regulations and safety requirements are enforced, there will always be the threat of serious injury and death. When these regulations and required safety devices work to save someone’s life, it’s very relieving to see.

In the Aussie V8 Supercar series practice session at Sydney Olympic Park, driver, Brendan Tuck hit a corner wall backwards at high speed, causing his car to go sideways down the track and roll ten times. Bodywork flew off and debris littered the track as the roll cage did exactly what it was designed to do and protected the driver. After hitting two walls and rolling ten times, Tuck was astonishingly able to walk away from the accident.


Are you surprised the driver was able to walk away from this scary accident?


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