Watch the First All-Electric McLaren Hit the Track!

Ride-On McLaren P1 Testing

…with McLaren’s newest test driver.

The first all-electric McLaren has just hit the track for testing at the Goodwood Circuit. The Ride-On McLaren P1 saw the newest and youngest test driver take the new vehicle out for a spin before declaring it ready for customer delivery.

Ride-On McLaren P1 Testing

Leo, aged 4-and-a-quarter, strapped on the race suit and helmet and took to the Goodwood Circuit for a couple of test laps in the new Ride-On McLaren P1.

The Ride-On McLaren P1 is based on the road-going P1 and features a central driving position like the iconic F1. It’s also the only open-top P1 and comes standard with the classic dihedral doors. Performance is impressive with it taking just 2.0 seconds to reach the maximum 3.0 mph top speed from rest.

A one-button stop/start function is easily operated by children under the age of six. A three-speed forward transmission with reverse gear comes standard along with a reverse gear.

Ride-On McLaren P1 Testing

After driving the Ride-On McLaren P1, Leo decided to put it on his Christmas list for Santa.

The new Ride-On McLaren P1 will be available in Volcano Yellow and be available globally at McLaren retailers for £375.00.

Source: McLaren

Would you want to take the new Ride-On McLaren P1 around the track if you could fit in one?


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