Watch this Ford GT Set a new Texas Mile Speed Record

Texas Mile Ford GT Record

293.6 MPH.

The previous-generation Ford GTs were fast right out of the box, but aftermarket tuning companies have been making them reach unheard-of triple-digit speeds for years. The Ford GT from M2K Motorsports is on another level and just set a speed record at the Texas Mile – Victoria.

Texas Mile Ford GT Record

This Orange and Blue liveried Ford GT is packed to the gills with performance and safety upgrades, and is designed to do one thing: go as fast as possible in a mile.

At the 2017 Texas Mile Victoria event on March 26th, it did just that by reaching 293.6 MPH, setting a new record at the Lone Star State event. It also adds another record to its trophy case after it was crowned Record Holder at Texas Mile – Beeville, and Arkansas Mile.

Source: Top Speed Racing Association YouTube

Would you be able to handle going 293.6 MPH in this twin-turbocharged M2K Motorsports Ford GT?


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