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Watch this Guy Dump Dog Crap on an FR-S


What a crappy guy.

The Scion FR-S is a great driver’s car that can be easily had for under $30k. Its brilliant driving dynamics have made it a favorite amongst automotive enthusiasts and the media alike. But one guy in Manhattan just can’t seem to stand the rear-wheel drive sports car.

One Scion FR-S owner kept coming out to a car with dog poop on his car repeatedly. After getting fed up with the new fecal modification to his hood, he installed a dashcam and was able to catch the guy in the act.

According to the owner on Jalopnik,

“I work in the Google building at 8th ave and 15th street. Yesterday morning I came out to find a large wad of shit sitting on my car. Now, sometimes the homeless will use the space between cars as a toilet stall. Originally I thought this would be a video of a homeless guy upgrading to the first class toilet (score!)

No such luck. Probably just an angry automotive fan. Never seen him before and can’t think of anything I’ve done to warrant his attention. There’s no doubt he went out of his way to target my car, but that’s not my usual spot and I haven’t had a vandal incident in a few months.

Over the years I’ve had several cars vandalized here. My miata had a brick thrown through the windshield in two places, cigarettes placed on the roof to burn through.

I’ve also seen plenty of other cars messed with in the same area. In one case, every mirror on every car for four blocks had been smashed off. So far the FR-S seems to attract more problems. In other areas (far from here) it’s been egged, splashed with liquids, spit on.

Possibly one of those most hated cars out there? The forums are filled with vandalism stories.”

Unless it’s some sort of reason such as the owner slept with his significant other, screwed him over, etc., then the dog crap on the car is just a real jerk move and we hope the perpetrator gets caught, crap-handed.

Source: Jalopnik

What would you do if someone kept putting dog crap on your car?


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