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BMW i Laptop bag

Sustainable fashion for your electric car.

BMW is helping to usher in a new era of performance and environmentally-friendly transportation with their new i3 and i8 electric and plug-in hybrid models. However, this new direction for BMW wouldn’t be complete without the new BMW i Collection that features a range of sustainable and modern accessories.

The new BMW i Collection lifestyle accessories are all made from “green” materials such as felt-look fabric created from recycled PET, and leather tanned using olive leaves.

Take the BMW i Urban Mega Shopper bag, for example. It is made from recycled PET and features blue handles and the BMW i signature while offering ample space. The bag can also carry the BMW i Laptop bag that features a sturdy sleeve to prevent laptops from moving in place. The BMW i Notebook and BMW i Ballpoint pen are two eco-friendly writing tools where the latter is made from recycled felt-like fabric that can be easily changed.

BMW i Solar Charger

For the device-minded, the BMW i Collection includes a BMW i Solar Charger and BMW i USB Stick. The i Solar Charger gives users the ability to store and dispense electricity with its integrated rechargeable battery that can provide juice to mobile devices and MP3 players. A USB port without light source can charge devices quicker if necessary. The BMW i USB Stick has a 16 GB capacity housed in a matte aluminum-look body with electric blue BMW I logo.

Holding onto the USB device or various keys is the BMW i Lanyard or BMW i Keyfob. The Lanyard is made from recycled PET blue cord and features a plant-tanned leather label. The i Keyfob is a more compact way to carry keys and other accessories.

The new BMW i Collection will be available in October 2013 at select retailer and online at The i Urban Mega Shopper bag will be priced at 99 Euros, the Solar Charger for 39 Euros, and the Ballpoint pen and Lanyard for 15 Euros.

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Source: BMW

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