Watch a Guy Propose with His Ferrari


A car guy’s proposal.

Erik Dumas is a real car guy up in Canada and came up with a real car guy marriage proposal to surprise his longtime girlfriend, Mary with after cruise.

Erik had a deal with his then-girlfriend that if he gave her an engagement ring, he could get an engagement Ferrari. Well, he bought the Ferrari and had been hiding it for three months before the proposal. He teamed up with the Porsche Club of America – Wild Rose Region and Ferrari Club of America – Alberta Chapter to pull off the stunt and surprise his new fiancée.

Erik planned things out where he and Mary would go for a cruise to Banff, Alberta with a few members from the Porsche club and they would ride in separate cars. During the trip, he would switch into his new Ferrari and meet her there where the message “Will You Marry Me” was put on different license plates.

He arrived and she was surprised to see him driving the new Ferrari. She was then told to read the license plates and Erik got down on one knee and proposed. Of course, she said “Yes” and they became a happy car couple, living happily ever after with their engagement Ferrari.

Source: MatthewHayhurst YouTube Channel

Is this the coolest car guy proposal ever?


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