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Watch in Horror as this Pagani Zonda F Gets Rear-Ended!

Pagani Zonda F Crash

Only 1 of 25, folks.

We get it. When you see a super car or exotic in traffic, you want to just admire its beauty and get it on camera. That’s all well and good, but not if you’re driving a car, especially when you’re in traffic behind it!

That’s exactly what led to a Kia 2500 truck smashing into the back of an ultra-rare Pagani Zonda F in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The re-engineered Zonda incorporating lightweight, exclusive materials and a monster 594 horsepower V-12 AMG engine was named after Formula One driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, and only 25 were ever made.

Pagani Zonda F Crash

The car was owned by businessman, Jorge Gómez, who was driving with his friend at approximately 60 km/h when they had to suddenly stop in traffic. The Kia driving behind couldn’t stop in time, arguably because they were too busy filming, and smashed into the rear of the Zonda F, bending the quad exhaust tips and smashing the carbon fiber body work.

Thankfully, the damage was cosmetic, according to Gómez, and Horacio Pagani called him to reassure that they will “change what is necessary.”

While this crash is horrible to see, thankfully nobody was hurt and the damage to the rare Pagani can be fixed. Just make sure that you’re not driving next time you try to film an exotic on the road – especially if you’re behind them!

Source: Autoblog Argentina

How mad would you be if you owned this Pagani Zonda F and just got rear-ended by a driver filming you?


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