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Here’s 15 Minutes of Sports Cars, Super Cars, and Exotics Leaving a Meet

'Spring Event' car show exit

Making all sorts of fun noises.

We all love going to car shows and meets just to admire the vehicles that people poured time, money, and effort into. These cars on display are beautiful and give us the opportunity to see vehicles that are often pretty rare.

'Spring Event' car show exit

One of the best parts is watching them all leave; and we’re not talking the Mustang plowing into crowds type of exit either.

At the ‘Spring Event’ hosted by Petrolhead Events, dozens of sports cars, super cars, and exotics from all around the globe showed off what they have under the hood and sped off while leaving. They make some seriously nice sounds and you can enjoy them while sitting on your ass just like we did.

Source: Gumbal YouTube

What super car leaving the ‘Spring Event’ meet was your favorite?


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