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Watch this Idiot Driver Get Busted for Texting and Driving

Texting Driver Caught by Police Officer

And not realize it’s by a police officer.

Texting and driving is bad. It’s also illegal. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but then again drivers like this make us wonder if people will ever learn.

A Volkswagen driver in Western Australia was stopped at an intersection with a motorcycle-riding police officer right nearby. The driver, who was caught texting at the time, was sitting at a green light, not moving. It wasn’t until the officer pulled up and told them that the light was green that they moved.

Texting Driver Caught by Police Officer

So, the officer initiated a traffic stop and put on the lights and siren to pull the driver over. The only problem was that they weren’t paying attention because they were too distracted by their cell phone. It was only until the officer pulled alongside again that they put the phone down and pulled over.

Just stop texting and driving, folks. It’s only going to lead to a tickets or dangerous accidents.

Source: 365 News YouTube

How stupid was this driver to get busted by a policeman for texting and driving?


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