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Watch this Insane BMW Rally Jump and Crash


Gettin’ some air.

Rally racing is one of the more dangerous types of motorsports, not just for those behind the wheel but for spectators too. It involves a driver and usually co-pilot speeding as fast as they can through asphalt, dirt, gravel, mud, snow, etc. in a variety of areas including towns and villages. Crashes happen and it requires a crazy amount of skill to perform well.

Sometimes even skill can’t avoid an accident. Just ask Niki Glisic after him and his E30 BMW M3 crashed during the Rally Legend San Marino 2013 event.

Glisic appeared to hit a bump too fast, got some air, and lost control of the car upon hitting the asphalt, ending up with a crash into a curb, fence, and finally, a wall.

Luckily, it appears as though nobody was hurt (including spectators), except the car. Hopefully she’ll be repaired and back on the road soon.

Tahnkfully, some other spectators were able to capture the crash:



Source: RallyLens, kawonowo, and Andrea Mussoni YouTube Channels

Is this a crazy BMW crash or what?


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