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Watch The.Leviathan’s Dad Experience the McLaren 650S!

McLaren 650S Spider Dad Reaction Video

“That, in my opinion, is not gentle.”

When you own a super car or exotic, you have the ability to enjoy the upper crust of driving performance. That top-tier of hardcore acceleration and speed isn’t for everyone though, especially our older generations. Our friend and YouTube extraordinaire, the.leviathan, introduced his father to his McLaren 650S Spider for the first time, and his reaction was just as you’d expect it to be – entertaining and not overly amused with the antics.

McLaren 650S Spider Dad Reaction Video

The.leviathan’s father’s first ride doesn’t start off so hot with him having a difficult time squeezing into the car, getting the seat adjusted, and strapped in with the seatbelt. In all fairness, it’s not exactly a smooth vehicle to enter and exit if you’ve never been in it prior.

But the best reactions come under heavy acceleration while entering the highways. His father motions to stop and slow down five times and remarks that his driving isn’t gentle like he wanted. He did, however, manage to smile three times during the drive and gave it an 8/10 rating (if he wasn’t going so fast).

The McLaren 650S Spider: Kid tested, Dad approved.

Source: the.leviathan

What car would you like to make a reaction video with using your parents?


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