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Watch Neal Bates and his Toyota Celica RA40 Rally Car in Australia


A rip snortin’ rally.

Remember when Toyota used to make some really good driver’s cars? Well, they’re starting to get back into it now, but seeing the old Celica RA40 in a rally brings a tear to our eye.

At the end of February, Neal Bates, the champion rally driver and Toyota ambassador, took an old Celica RA40 down to Melbourne, Australia for some testing before its ARC debut in March. Bates and his Celica RA40 will be going all-out at Rally Calder, Melbourne across the dry desert landscape in search of a podium finish.

Seeing a vintage Toyota such as a fully-restored 1980 Celica RA40 is an exciting sight that reminds us of the true driver’s cars that the Japanese automaker is capable of building. We just can’t wait to see the new FT-86/FR-S out there eating up dirt with a set of boxy fenders!

[Source: Toyota Australia]

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