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Prior Design Previews their new Toyota Supra Aero Package

Prior Design Toyota Supra GR Widebody

Going from concept to reality.

Automotive enthusiasts from all around the globe have waited YEARS for Toyota to bring back the Supra. Thankfully, nobody held their breath and the new Toyota Supra GR will be hitting the streets this year. Prior Design wasted no time in designing a new aerodynamic widebody kit for the new Supra and the new concept previews show that it is going to mean business.

The new Prior Design widebody aerodynamic kit will be made from either glass fiber Duraflex or carbon fiber baked in their in-house autoclave for a perfect fit.

The new Prior Design Toyota Supra GR body kit starts with a new front bumper that features a single center air intake as opposed to the three intakes in the factory unit. The bumper also seamlessly integrates a new spoiler lip with side flaps and flows right into the wider fenders. Above, a new hood with central air outlet helps dissipate heat along with the new fender vents.

Prior Design Toyota Supra GR Widebody

Both the front and rear fenders have been extended outwards for a more muscular and athletic appearance on the Prior Design Toyota Supra. These are connected by new side skirts to visually lower the height of the sports car. At the rear, new four-piece fender add-ons sit wide and proud. A fixed rear spoiler creates an intimidating presence on the road and generated downforce.

Prior Design also gives quite a few options for owners with the wheels. In the concept, new multi-piece PD4FORGED wheels are used. Customers can also opt for a variety of other wheels ranging in diameters of 19.0- to 23.0 inches with a range of finishes shod in Continental high-performance tires. Lowering comes courtesy of H&R.

Inside, the Toyota Supra can be outfitted with soft nappa leather as well as carbon fiber trim pieces.

The new Prior Design Toyota Supra will be available in the future as a widebody or non-widebody kit.

Prior Design Toyota Supra Widebody Aerodynamic Kit Gallery

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