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Watch this Salesmen get his Head Stuck in a Van Door!

Car Salesmen Head Stuck in Door

Probably not the smartest idea.

Vehicles these days are packed with all kinds of safety features to protect passengers. There are even systems that are designed to prevent things from getting caught case an occupant decides to tempt the automatically-closing door.

At a car dealership in China, one salesperson decided to show off a Buick GL8 minivan’s safety sensor that prevents the door from closing when it detects an object is in the way. It’s a smart feature to protect occupants and and/or prevent your door from breaking while trying to close on an object.

Car Salesmen Head Stuck in Door

So, this salesperson decided that it would be good to show just how safe it was by placing his head inside the closing door. The only problem was that the safety feature didn’t work properly and the salesperson’s head got caught in the closing door.

Thankfully, the salesperson wasn’t injured, but you can bet that his ego was.

Source: BTMG YouTube

How stupid was this salesmen to stick his head in a closing door to show off a safety feature?


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