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Watch Sebastian Loeb Spin Around in a Canal

Bringing motorsports the Cordoba Canals.

Sebastian Loeb is quite the skilled driver. Scratch that, he is an extremely skilled driver. So much so that Peugeot picked him to pilot their completely insane and mind-bogglingly fast 208 T16 Pikes Peak rally car.

Just recently, Mr. Loeb showed off his driving skills again in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Loeb and his rally car didn’t just spin their tires through the streets; they went into the canals and did a few burnouts through the shallow water, entertaining a big crowd up above.

And then he went and jumped his car off of a ramp.

Please do a U.S. city tour!

[Source: Telcomz Zozaya YouTube Channel]

Where would you want Sebastian Loeb to drive in your city?


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