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Watch the Subaru WRX Take On Banana Peels!

Subaru WRX Acceleration on Bananas

Who’s ready for some potassium?!

The folks at Subaru probably won’t be able to look at a banana for months after the recent stunt they pulled off with a 2018 WRX. To showcase the car’s performance and the capability of their all-wheel drive system, Subaru did a 0-100 km/h test on a path full of banana peels.

That’s a lot of bananas that had to be consumed.

Subaru WRX Acceleration on Bananas

In Squamish, British Columbia, Subaru Canada put down a layer of banana peels on a path of asphalt and got ready to have their WRX do some cartoonishly slippery acceleration runs.

The 268-horsepower, turbocharged flat-four engine and the symmetrical all-wheel drive with Active Torque Vectoring was able to get some serious traction and stability and put down an impressive 6.10-second best time after a few runs. That, is impressive, especially considering the fact that banana peels do create a slick and slippery surface – hence why cartoon characters fall on them.

Source: Subaru Canada

Are you impressed by the new Subaru WRX’s 6.10-second 0-62 mph run on banana peels?


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