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Watch the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R set a World Record!


Watch a quarter-mile disappear.

Eight seconds is a miniscule amount of time; writing and sending a text message takes longer (unless you have lightning fast fingers). Now imagine traveling a quarter of a mile in the time it takes to send a text to your friend. Well, that’s what the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R (R35) did. The team had previously done the quarter-mile run in just 8.975 seconds, but had higher hopes for the start of 2012.

On March 17th and 18th, the AMS GT-R was able to set a world record for quarter-mile acceleration time and speed. On Saturday, March 17th, the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R was able to speed through the quarter-mile in 8.63 seconds at 172.15 mph with 35 PSI of boost pressure. This broke the previous world record for a Nissan GT-R.

The next day, the team had their sights set of going even faster. AMS had adjusted the front lip on the car to create more efficient downforce during their runs. After a few runs, the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R, driven by Ivan Phipps, was able to blast through the quarter-mile in just 8.62 seconds at 173.81 mph for a new world record.

[Source: AMS Tuned YouTube Channel]

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